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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Vision for Malevolence

So, now that Malevolence is out in the public and people are playing it, I'm finding that a lot of people are expecting it to be easy, or, even worse, expecting it to be like Skyrim, or, even WORSE, expecting it to be like Legends of Grimrock...

I can assure you that's not the case here. Malevolence is hard. REALLY hard. Just like the old CRPGs to which it is an homage.

I should probably explain my vision for the game...... This is how I envision an average new player experience might go in the final version:

Basically the idea would be that a new player would start, get the quest to visit Eddya Anic's Holdfast and head off in that direction, but then they'd find Shoba Nohr on the way there and think "what the hell, I'm a warrior!" and wander on down into the dungeon. They'd be beaten to within an inch of their miserable life by a pack of orcs and leave the dungeon, sobbing, after only having explored about 10 squares of it. Through their tears they'd see the urns in that graveyard and look inside, where they'd find a bottle of unicorn urine and a handful of coins. They'd notice that the sun was beginning to set, and, heeding the advice of Clergyman Al-aeks, they'd sprint for Eddya Anic's holdfast. Once there, they'd get a room at the tavern until the morning when they'd sell the unicorn urine and use the money to buy a decent weapon. They'd head back to Shoba Nohr to get some revenge and perhaps clear one floor of the dungeon, but be in fairly bad shape after it, so they'd be forced to wander the countryside, scavenging where they could, sneaking into dungeons to loot crates without being spotted by monsters, running where they could, fighting where they had to... But then one day they'd do something stupid. They'd get cornered by a minotaur. But by this stage they had some basic bits of armour, an OK weapon and a couple of health potions... They decide to make a final stand... An epic battle later, they are standing on the corpse of the fallen minotaur with a renewed sense of vigour. They've levelled up, they've EARNED the gear that they've found through sweat and blood and fear...

They are ready to start their adventure...


  1. Excellent - I've been SO busy that I'd overlooked this. Off to download (today) and play (a bit later, a I'm buried in Toy Fair articles, reviews and that "big" Sony conference coming up).

    1. Sounds good! Our update should be going out today if all goes well :)